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17 years of despair and hopelessness

17 years of despair, hopelessness and pain for her only son ... A resident of Makhachkala Galina Gadzhimirzoeva dreams of only one thing - that someday the best times will come, and he and his son chained to a wheelchair will become easier.

Sultan is a childhood invalid with diagnoses of cerebral palsy and spastic tetraparesis. In addition, a 17-year-old boy suffers from damage to the central optic nerve. Mom and grandmother are his only help. The Sultan is deprived of the opportunity to independently serve himself, without them he simply can not cope.

A family of three is huddled in rental housing without special conditions. For rent and utilities, most of the boy’s disability pension is spent. After the divorce, the former spouse does not provide this family any support. A mother with a sick child wants to live alone warmly, having at least a small but own corner and a roof over her head ...

The Gadzhimirzoevs will be able to find comfort and peace in a charity house for orphans and families with children with disabilities, the construction of which is in full swing. Each of us can make our own contribution to this good cause and help, to the best of our ability, in raising funds for the purchase of necessary building materials.