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400 sets of personal protective equipment for Dagestan doctors from Pure Heart!

The charity program of the Pure Heart Foundation to provide medical personnel of Dagestan with personal protective equipment continues.

The first deputy chairman of the Committee for Control and Regulation of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Rizvan Kurbanov and world champion Rustam Begerin supported Dagestan doctors during this difficult time, passing 400 certified anti-plague suits “Tyvek”, masks, glasses and respirators.

Overalls, as well as medicines for outpatient patients, are distributed in hospitals and clinics in Kizlyar, Kayakent, Novolak, Tabasaran and Izberbash.

For all doctors and medical staff who daily fight a dangerous infection and save lives, this is a great and irreplaceable help.

In addition to hospitals, some of the antiplague (anti-epidemic) costumes were transferred to Makhachkala mosques for people who conduct the ritual of washing bodies for burial.

Pure Heart will continue to provide charitable assistance to Dagestan health workers during the coronovirus pandemic, and the next batch of medicines and personal protective equipment for hospitals, clinics and ambulances is expected to arrive next week.

We express sincere gratitude and gratitude for the support rendered to Rizvan Daniyalovich Kurbanov, Rustam Begerin and Galie, who made a feasible contribution to this good cause - assistance to Dagestan doctors.