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50 families received help from Arsi Group in Kurban Bayram!

During the holy day of Kurban-Bayram, the construction company "Arsi Group" provided assistance in the form of meat of sacrificial animals to 50 poor families from Kaspiysk and Makhachkala.

Supporting the charity campaign of the Pure Heart Foundation, on such a significant holiday for all Muslims, the Arsi Group construction company made a large donation to buy small cattle and then distribute meat to the poor category of citizens.

Together with the volunteers, the philanthropists addressed and congratulated families who are in a difficult situation, and handed them the meat of Kurban on the occasion of the blessed holiday.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank the management and employees of Arsi Group for their invaluable support and participation in charity events. Thank you for your kindness, helpfulness and help, which is important for the poor inhabitants of Dagestan and will never be forgotten.

May Allah Almighty accept all your and our good deeds, donations, rewarding them for many times. Amine.

I wish you all the best, prosperity and success in all your endeavors!