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Assistance to residents of Kizlyar district

One of the main objectives of the Pure Heart Foundation is to provide charity to residents of Dagestan who are in difficult life situations.

Field trips to cities and regions are regularly held for the low-income category of citizens - elderly people, people with disabilities, large families and low-income families.

This time, an aid action was held for the wards of the fund living in the Kizlyar district. A whole gazelle of clothes and shoes is a big and significant support for the population.

Thanks to caring people donating new and used, but suitable for future use, wardrobe items in special containers of “Clean Heart” in Makhachkala, once again managed to help a large number of people.

Let these new things be for the benefit of everyone who needs them! The off-site campaign was not limited only to the distribution of clothes - the fund’s employees targeted 20 poor families from the villages of Tsvetkovka and Serebryakovka to deliver food packages.

May the assistance provided be good for all, and people do not know the need!

We thank the head of the Pure Heart branch in Kizlyar Ramazan Magomedov for participating and supporting the charity event!