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Assistance to victims of fire p. Tiss Achitley

The Pure Heart Foundation delivered humanitarian aid to residents of the Tissi-Akhitli village of the Tsumadinsky district of Dagestan who suffered from a fire.

The fire occurred on the night of March 2 - as a result of the fire, 17 houses burned out, 11 of them completely, and 6 partially. Before the arrival of the fire rescue units, the fire was helped by the villagers and residents of the surrounding villages.

Fire does not spare anyone without choosing people according to the level of material wealth. The consequences for all families affected by this misfortune are equally dire. In support of the victims of the village of Tissi-Akhitli, the Pure Heart Foundation organized the dispatch of humanitarian aid with food and clothing.

The incident brought together people whose hearts are filled with goodness and compassion, in a common impulse to help cope with the consequences of the fire. Thanks to everyone who did not leave the residents of the Tsumadinsky district in difficult times, having provided them with all possible assistance and moral support.