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The benefit during self-isolation!

Every day, the Pure Heart Foundation operates in the mode of providing emergency humanitarian assistance to the most socially vulnerable groups of the population, including single elderly people, orphans, large families and single mothers.

In connection with preventive measures due to the spread of infection, the self-isolation regime has become a real challenge for many people. In an extremely hopeless situation, help is also being asked for by those who, due to temporary unemployment, are unable to feed their families.

To make life easier for people in need during this difficult time, Pure Heart holds a large-scale charity event to help with food and protective equipment throughout Dagestan.

The protesters targetedly deliver food packages and basic necessities to the needy poor wards and people in dire need so that they do not go outside and put themselves at risk once again.

For tens of thousands throughout the republic, this is a great and invaluable help!

Right now it is time to do something really useful and good! By showing kindness and compassion, it is possible to unite together and make life easier for others!

You can leave a request for assistance or make your contribution to a good cause by calling the “hot line”:

Everyone who is not indifferent to other people's problems and troubles can also commit a good deed right now. It is enough to transfer any amount of the donation - for the purchase and subsequent targeted assistance of the necessary food products.