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A chance for recovery!

The Gusenbiev family, together with Muhammad, visited the office of the Pure Heart foundation, where they collected 150,000 rubles.

I would like to express special words of gratitude for the help in good deeds to the Dagestan who lives in Germany!

Not for the first time, thanks to her donations and active participation in the fate of the wards of the “Pure Heart”, it is possible to close the fees in the shortest possible time. May the Most High reward many times for good deeds!

We all want to believe and hope that the amount collected will help Muhammad get closer to his cherished dream - to stand on his own feet and walk.

Parents, along with their son, went to this moment for many years, and now the child has a chance of recovery.

We wish this family well-being and patience - he will have an operation on the muscles of the lower extremities and a course of treatment. May this wonderful child recover soon.