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Charity action "Do good"

The Pure Heart Foundation organized a charity campaign “Help Do Good” for needy residents of Tyube village.

Food, clothing and shoes were received by elderly people, poor and large families, who found themselves in difficult life situations.

Visiting assistance campaigns are conducted regularly by Pure Heart employees and volunteers. Many thanks to benefactors, sponsors and caring people who donate meat, cereals, flour, rice, sugar, new clothes, shoes and wardrobe items in good condition, toys, household utensils and much more to the poor fellow countrymen.

With your invaluable support, there is a real opportunity to help fund wards throughout Dagestan! May good deeds come back to you a hundredfold!

To do good is very simple! This does not require much effort and time, the main thing is a sincere desire to help adults, children and the elderly, who are in great need of it. Begin to do good, good deeds, and the world around you will become much better.

Peace and all the best to you!