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Charity culinary master class for children!

A charity workshop on the preparation and painting of gingerbread for the little wards of Pure Heart was held at the first MasterCook culinary school in Kaspiysk.

All children love sweets, especially if they are prepared with their own hands. As soon as they crossed the threshold of the school of culinary excellence, the children immediately plunged into a homely cozy atmosphere. Having put on caps and aprons, boys and girls began to enthusiastically prepare gingerbread cookies.

To make them tasty and beautiful, experienced masters of MasterCook prepared all the necessary ingredients for small cooks. Cutting out figures from the dough with molds, the children put them on a baking sheet, and then sent them to the oven.

After the gingerbread cookies were baked and cooled, the children decorated delicious treats with colorful glaze. The cooking process gave everyone a lot of positive emotions, charging a good mood. At the end of the culinary master class, children were presented with pleasant gifts from Pure Heart.

I would like to say sincere words of gratitude and gratitude to the founder of the first culinary school-studio "MasterCook" Emilia Kazumova and all the masters and culinary specialists who organized such a wonderful and tasty master class for the children of our children!

Thank you for sharing useful skills, a piece of your warmth and kindness with the kids! Let luck and success accompany you in all your endeavors, and conceived plans and projects come to life! Peace, goodness and all the best to you and your loved ones!