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Charity dinner for the homeless

In the cozy atmosphere of the Halal house restaurant, the Pure Heart Foundation organized a charity dinner for the wards of a social shelter for the homeless in Makhachkala.

The event organizers did their best to create a festive mood for all guests. For all these people, deprived of a roof over their heads and having found a house in a social home, the dinner party was a real pleasant surprise.

In a cordial atmosphere, they tasted delicious treats, and the stars of the Dagestani pop music Rukiyat Gamzatova, Dilyar Nadyrov and Jamil Omarov presented their audience with their fiery and lyrical compositions.

Songs and dances warmed the hearts of these people, leaving only the most pleasant and positive emotions. Of course, not without gifts. All wards of the social shelter for the homeless were presented with gift sets.

May their life have more reasons for joy and good mood.

Thanks to everyone who took part in organizing and conducting this event. The management and all the friendly staff of the Halal house restaurant for their excellent service, warm welcome and support in doing good deeds.

Thanks to the Dagestan singers Rukiyat Gamzatova, Dilyara Nadyrova and Jamila Omarova for your indifferent attitude to the problems of poor people who need human warmth, sympathy and kind hearts.

Peace, joy and all the best to you and your loved ones!