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Children do good in Ramadan!

Pupils of the 4th “B” class of the gymnasium No. 27 of Makhachkala raised funds and donated them for the iftar.

It is pleasantly pleasing that children from an early age strive to do good deeds and, in the blessed month, Ramadan contributed to the organization of iftar in the tent of “Pure Heart”.

All the necessary products, fruits, vegetables and sweets were bought with the money raised by the students to set the tables for fasting. When the azan sounded, passers-by were able to open Uraz.

Children and volunteers also provided invaluable assistance in distributing water and dates for drivers of passing cars and minibus passengers who found the end of a daytime fast on the road.

We thank all our assistants and students of the Makhachkala Gymnasium for such invaluable support. You are all well done, and we are proud of you, because even at such an early age you understand the significance of the blessed month of Ramadan.

May Allah Almighty grant iman to our hearts and the hearts of our children, forgive us and help us strive for His contentment. Amine.