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The collection is closed! Thanks for the help!

The collection is closed! Thank you all for your help!

I would like to thank all concerned people for their responsiveness, understanding, kindness and participation in raising funds for the construction of a chapel in memory of the Gasanguseynov brothers.

Together, 400,000 rubles were raised. Thank you all for the tremendous support, kind words addressed to parents, donations, reposts and comments. Thanks to everyone who shares the sorrow and bitterness of the irreparable loss of Murtuzali and Patimat.

Let the construction of a prayer room on the side of the mountain in the village of Goor-Hindah of the Shamil region be a consolation for parents, relatives and close boys.

A video report on the transfer of collected funds to the Gasanguseynov family will appear in the news feed.

Once again, we thank all people with pure hearts for your good deeds and your willingness to help! May the Almighty reward you many times over for the perfect good.

Special words of gratitude and thanks to all Pure Heart subscribers on instagram, facebook, vk for their help in disseminating information about fundraising.