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The company “Arsi Group” took part in the “Relay of goodness” on the Eid al-Adha holiday!

On the blessed holiday of Eid al-Adha, the Arsi Group construction company provided charitable assistance to 40 low-income families in the care of the Pure Heart Foundation.

The construction company has repeatedly supported the Pure Heart charity projects, and during the holy day for all Muslims made a large donation to purchase sheep and distribute meat from sacrificial animals to large and low-income families from Makhachkala.

Also, on the initiative of our assistants in good deeds, the “Relay of Goodness” campaign was held, in which company representatives addressedly addressed and congratulated families in a difficult situation.

We sincerely thank the management and staff of the Arsi Group construction company for their help and participation in the charity event in Kurban Bayram!

Thank you for the invaluable support you give to the poor families of Dagestan, for the joy that you give them, helping to find hope for happiness!

I wish you all the best, prosperity and success in all your endeavors!