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Do good and earn the mercy of the Creator!

The situation with forced self-isolation due to the spread of coronavirus has become a real test for many Dagestanis.

On the one hand, daily terrifying news about an increasing number of infected and the number of patients who died, on the other, a disappointing reality in which tens of thousands of people left without a livelihood literally survive within their four walls.

Lonely grandparents, deprived of support and abandoned by their children and grandchildren to their fate.

Orphans brought up without parental affection and warmth.

Unemployed single mothers, most of whom barely make ends meet, are not able to feed their babies.

The list of needy categories of our countrymen can be listed for a long time. The main thing is that all of them urgently need help! Our help is with you.

It’s enough just for a second to imagine that all these people have nothing to eat, nothing to talk on iftar during the days of holy Ramadan, and thoughts about how to feed their children tomorrow do not give poor parents peace ...

This test has also been sent out in order to expose the best human qualities, to give an opportunity to open one’s hearts and let good happen. In every soul there is a place for mercy. And now is the time, the very situation where you can show compassion and help.

It does not require much effort - just your desire and intention to do good is enough.

Any amount of donation, reposts in your story, your comments and any feasible help will ease the plight of thousands of needy people!
Sberbank Card: 42742760 06142225 (in the name of Jasmina Raizudinovna)
Number attached to the card of Sberbank: 8928-288-83-85

You can leave a request for assistance or make your contribution to a good cause by calling the “hot line” (from 10 to 17 hours from Monday to Friday):

Join us and do good with us! Together we can do a lot!