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Do good as often as possible!

We help to help!

Under such a good motto, the fund’s employees conducted an action to help wards of a social shelter for the homeless in Makhachkala.

Having loaded a whole gazelle with food, clothing, personal hygiene items and household cleaning products, the Pure Heart team visited people without a fixed place of residence.

In addition to humanitarian aid, they donated a new washing machine, which they needed so much, for the shelter.

These needy people, who, by the will of fate, were deprived of a roof over their heads and found a home here, waited impatiently for meetings with their good assistants. Their joy knew no bounds. And the point is not gifts at all, because the most important attention and warm attitude to all of them.

They so sometimes lack a bright hope for the best. And their touching smiles and tears in kind eyes are better than all words of gratitude. After visiting the guests of the shelter and giving out gifts, at the end of the charity event, the fund employees organized a tea party with refreshments.

Do good as often as possible and never forget that people who need support live next to us. Even the smallest bit of your kindness and compassion can change someone's life for the better.

Peace, goodness and all the best to you!