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Do good in Ramadan!

Ramadan is a blessed month, filled with the greatest virtue, enormous spiritual wealth and the ability to do good, which the entire Muslim Ummah should never miss.

All the benefits, whether large or small, multiply many times in this holy month. We urge all brothers and sisters to fill the days of their lives with good deeds!

Many people throughout Dagestan are in dire need of your help and support right now: single elderly people, orphans, single mothers, large families, people with disabilities, fellow countrymen who are deprived of regular income and find themselves in an extremely difficult situation due to the regime of self-isolation.

The number of applications and requests for help from those in need is growing every day - and on the days of the blessed month, each of you can give joy, warmth, hope and faith in the best to those who are deprived of this.

"And do good, for Allah Almighty loves those who create good." Each person, showing indifference and compassion, can make a contribution to a good cause!

Any amount of donation, each of your sadak, reposts and other feasible help will provide as many fasting and poor people throughout Dagestan with necessary food.

Let us do good together, and may Allah Almighty reward everyone for their help and participation in good deeds! Amine.