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Dreams Come True!

Tomorrow is the first day of September, and on Monday the kids will go to school. Beautiful and elegant, they will meet the beginning of the new school year.

This year we tried to help children in preparation for school, and with your support we managed to make many students happy. Happy Day of Knowledge will be for our little ward Aizanat.

The girl became the heroine of our video, talking about the difficult situation of her family, which cannot afford to buy new things for school. Aizanat dreams of becoming a doctor when she grows up and that her knowledge helps other people not to get sick and be healthy.

She is a great smart girl, and we have no doubt that in the future her dreams will come true, and she will become a wonderful competent and qualified doctor. To give her a good festive mood, we decided to fulfill another dream by purchasing everything we needed for school.

We will not describe in words the girl’s joyful emotions - everything is already visible in this video. A new portfolio, stationery, a school uniform, shoes, sportswear for physical education and even a book with a fairy tale.

In it, of course, a happy ending. And we are very glad that with the help of kind, sympathetic and merciful people every year we manage to give happiness to thousands of children throughout Dagestan.

Let boys and girls never know the need, poverty, let them study well and receive useful knowledge and only one five and four. Let parents always be happy and proud of their success, believing and hoping only for the best.

Thank you all for your help! Peace, goodness and all the best to you!