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Every ruble is good!

The “Piggy Bank of Good” project continues its good mission. Thanks to the donations that caring people leave in special Piggy Banks, they manage to help a large number of those in need.

Thanks to everyone who, seeing our fundraising boxes, does not pass by, contributing to a good cause.

Your donation is important and expensive, each ruble provides real support to poor families, sick children, elderly people - many, many people who are in charge of the fund.

With your help, we can do more! Do not pass by the Piggy Bank logo boxes. They can be found in supermarkets, shops, gas stations and other institutions of Makhachkala.

You can also support our charity project by placing welcome-piggy banks.

It is very simple to do this - write us in direct or call 8989-444-97-90 during business hours (Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

Join our project - we will do good together!