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Feed the poor on Kurban Bayram!

Only a few days remain before the great holiday of Kurban-Bayram, but, unfortunately, many poor and large families will not be able to prepare treats and feed their loved ones.

People who survive in difficult conditions below the poverty line can sometimes not buy bread for children, not to mention meat. And on the eve of the great holiday, “Pure Heart” conducts an annual charity event to raise funds for the purchase of sacrificial animals, the meat of which will be provided to needy families of Dagestan.

The good goal of the action is to provide food to as many families in need as possible. Thousands and thousands of families who hope for human compassion these days are in charge of the foundation.

If you have a desire to perform a sacrifice ceremony with the subsequent distribution of meat to poor fellow countrymen, but there is no way to do it yourself, you can transfer an amount equal to the cost of the sacrificial animal (7500 rubles) for the requisites, or transfer the funds directly to the fund's office.

According to all religious canons, one third of the sacrificial meat will be transferred to your family, and the rest will be distributed on your behalf to the poor category of citizens.

You can also transfer any amount of donation for this campaign - all funds will be spent on the purchase of livestock, and video reports on the distribution of meat will be published regularly.

For more information, please call: 8989-663-11-07, 8938-800-81-81 (from 10.00 to 16.00).