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On the first day of the action, 120 children prepared for school!

The charity event “To School with a Pure Heart” started, and on the first day, 120 children from poor and large families received school uniforms and stationery.

The delight and joy of the boys and girls who got new clothes and school supplies knew no bounds. In consultation with their parents, the kids could choose from a large assortment of things everything they needed by the beginning of the school year.

Of course, the rally would not have taken place without the help of responsive, caring people and philanthropists, on whose donations stationery, children's and school clothes for boys and girls were purchased.

We thank everyone who did not stand aside and shared their good with the children. Happy faces and smiles of children are the best thanks to everyone who has already helped and continues to help in this good deed. With your support, these children will not feel left out, and they will celebrate the new school year prepared.

The action to prepare children for school continues, because many more children need our help. And you can still make your contribution to the school distribution - just transfer any amount of donation to the specified details and share this video with your friends by making a repost to the story.