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Fundraising for a chapel in memory of the Gasanguseynov brothers

“Allah forbid anyone to experience such grief. Parents should not bury their children ... "

The parents of the shepherd brothers Nabi and Gasanguseyn will never be able to reconcile and get used to the loss. Two years have passed since that tragic day, and the pain and bitterness of the loss still does not subside in the hearts of Murtuzali and Patimat.

The father recalls that his sons were kind and sympathetic, always ready to help. In the village of Goor-Hindah in the Shamil district of Dagestan, the boys were very fond of. The incident became a common grief for the relatives and friends of the Gasanguseynov family, fellow villagers and all residents of the republic without exception.

Every day Murtuzali on foot, leaning on a cane, slowly rises into the mountains. After walking three kilometers, a heartbroken father sits for a long time at the scene of the tragedy, mentally communicating with his children.

“When I come here, it makes me feel better ...” he sighs. In memory of Nabi and Gasangusein, the father wants to build a chapel, a water tank here, to fence and improve this territory, and also to plant an orchard. So that travelers can take refuge and warm themselves here in bad weather, pray, eat and honor the memory of the shepherd brothers in their duas.

Everyone can make an invaluable contribution in collecting the necessary 350,000 rubles. We will be grateful to every donation, repost. Do not stay away!