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Good news about Firuz (Azhay) Dzhanakaeva!

“Thanks to Pure Heart, Dagestan and the whole world for helping me!”

All the sorrows in the Dzhanakayev family from the village of Agachaul were left behind - now joy, smiles and children's laughter reign in their house. Nine-year-old Azhay was able to defeat a dangerous disease, and this is really good news, which makes my soul warm.

In February of this year, we opened an urgent collection for Azhay - a girl with a third stage of a pancreatic tumor needed an examination in a foreign clinic. The trip was in jeopardy - parents, having independently collected part of the amount, still did not have enough for the trip.

Many caring people from different parts of Russia, the CIS and abroad then supported the child. The kindness of human hearts did a real miracle - having collected three times the declared amount, Azhay was able to undergo examination by foreign specialists and continued treatment in Russia.

Now you can breathe a sigh of relief. The tumor that harmed the girl’s body is no longer there. Praise be to the Almighty, nothing threatens her health. Excruciating chemotherapy courses, tears, fears and pain were left behind. Azhay changed her name to Firuza, and now, Insha Allah, she has a happy childhood.

Parents still can not rejoice in the recovery of their girls. Her sister Aminat is also happy - finally, together with Firuza, they began to spend more time together, playing and making plans for the future.

We wish Firuse to never get sick again! May health grow stronger every day, a smile never leaves this beautiful and wonderful girl and everything will be fine on the path of a bright life path.