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Good for our old people!

Helping is really easy, just a desire and quite a bit of time are enough. Especially when it comes to older people, grandparents, who need care and attention.

With the support of an initiative group of philanthropists, funds were raised for the purchase of food products, from which food rations were formed. When everything was ready for the charity event, the fund staff, together with the volunteers, addressed the poor old people.

Happy faces and tears in the eyes - everyone who came to visit with gifts did not hide their sincere and touching emotions. After all, these beautiful elderly people do not need so much. So that health does not fail, there was a piece of bread and not feel unnecessary and forgotten.

The action of good did not end there. In addition to grocery help, they distributed new warm and winter clothes from Pure Heart donors. Let these new things warm them in the cold, and the variability of the weather is no longer scary.

We thank everyone who contributed to this kind of action, to everyone who participated in the fundraising and helped deliver gifts. May the good that you accomplish be sure to return to you.

And yet, after reading this text to the end, be sure to call your grandparents, but rather visit them. They deserve it!