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Help! I do not want to die!

The life of 13-year-old Khava Aliyeva is under threat, and she needs urgent medical attention. Suffering from congenital scoliosis, the girl’s health is deteriorating every day. Procrastination and inaction can lead to sad consequences.

Due to the deformation of the back, Hava formed a ribbed hump, which not only gives her terrible discomfort, but also prevents her from lying and sleeping. Feeling constant pain, the girl cries every day, begging her parents to cure her as soon as possible.

Two years ago, she had already undergone a complicated bone marrow operation at the Turner Institute in St. Petersburg, but her condition did not improve. Due to scoliosis, the girl's internal organs are displaced. One lung has already failed; she does not hear and cannot speak. Instead of a happy joyful childhood, only suffering and tears.

Surgical treatment followed by surgery in the Turkish clinic “Memorial” will help to exclude further development of the deformity and even out the spine. But the bill from the clinic for the poor Aliyev family from the village of Zubutli-Miatli is simply not strong.

Grandmother Sakinat, the pension of Khava and her father Dibirmagomed, who fell from a great height ten years ago while working on a construction site while remaining disabled, live on the pension. Parents have already sold everything that is possible, but this is still not enough.

The Fund opens an urgent collection - all funds that go to the Pure Heart details for these few days will be transferred for treatment. Do not stand aside - your every donation, reposts on your pages and stories, dua and active distribution of this information will help save your life.