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Help us! Do not leave my children outside!

From hopelessness and despair, a resident of the Kochubei village, Jamilya Ramazanova, turned to the Clean Heart Foundation for help. She and her sick husband and nine children are being driven out of the house ...

Maternal heart is breaking with pain - so much grief and misfortune had to be experienced, and now another shock. In the shortest possible time, a large family should be evicted from dilapidated rental housing.

For many years, she and her husband have been trying to find a small, but their own corner. But life decreed otherwise. After the accident, the head of the family is unable to work, interrupted only by small part-time jobs. In order to have at least a piece of bread in the house, Jamil gathers, crumbles and sells grass to the halt in the rain and snow.

The trouble didn’t pass over the children either - two sons fell under the train, and the husband left the eldest daughter and the child. One of the sons left to work in Kalmykia to somehow alleviate the plight of his loved ones.

They have one chance of salvation - to buy a small house with three rooms in Kochubey for 300,000 rubles before the cold snap begins. Somehow my parents saved 120,000 rubles, but another 180,000 are missing.

A needy family really needs your support! Do not stay away - even your small contribution to a common good deed, donations and reposts will help the Ramazanovs find a roof over their heads!