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I promise you that I will recover!

As soon as Nabi crossed the threshold of the Pure Heart office, everything seemed to be illuminated. How much energy, positive, liveliness and desire to quickly become healthy in this seven-year-old boy.

Let such pleasant moments as the closing day of the gathering give this boy even more strength, vitality and hope for the best.

All the employees of the fund were looking forward to Nabi to talk, recharge with his good emotions and, of course, hand over to her mother Diana collected 200,000 rubles for the upcoming examination and rehabilitation in Moscow.

“I almost exploded with happiness, reading your comments. I am very pleased that you supported me! ” he admitted to us.

All his words of gratitude are addressed to you - caring people with pure hearts who do good deeds and help needy adults and children.

Thanks to everyone and everyone who supported this wonderful boy and did everything in his power so that in the near future he could undergo rehabilitation and get closer to his cherished dream.

We have no doubt that everything will be fine with him, and that Nabi will come to visit us more than once, taking steps on her own.

May your every day be filled with joyful emotions, vitality, positives and smiles, and a speedy recovery for you! Do not forget, you promised ...