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"I will recover soon!"

Seven-year-old Dzhamilya Dzhamukova is a big smart girl! The girl endures all the necessary medical procedures. Of course, a serious illness (retroperitoneal neuroblastoma) affects her child’s body not in the best way. But she will never show that she is hurt.

On the contrary, a smile always shines on her face, and hope is clear in her clear eyes that she will be able to recover and will never again suffer from an insidious disease.

Jamilya is a very strong girl, and she will surely cope with this test. Our film crew visited her in the hospital (before the trip to Moscow she is treated with a dropper) in order to pass on the necessary medicines that she managed to get thanks to the help of all of you - caring and sympathetic people.

The hospital walls are not the most pleasant place to meet, and we want to believe that next time we will come to the Jamukov family and Jamil will give us good news. Soon the baby will have two courses of chemotherapy and an examination at the Russian Cancer Center. Flea.

Let us wish her strength, patience and good health. Get well soon, Jamilya, and let all illnesses go away from you far and forever. And may there be a lot of joy, happiness and kindness in your life!