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If only the children would smile!

Kindergarten "Tarbia +" supported the campaign of the fund "Pure Heart" - "Relay of goodness."

In the holy month of Ramadan, it is important to do good deeds, showing mercy to needy adults and children. This time, the representatives of the kindergarten and the development center for the child “Tarbiya +” shared with the wards of our foundation their warmth and kindness.

All four large families with poor families and especially children did not expect such a pleasant surprise - a visit of guests with gifts and food. Moms with their babies did not hide their joyful feelings and were moved by such attention.

For all the kids, our good helpers have prepared a lot of interesting and creative. Balloons and toys made this promotion truly bright and festive.

May all the children be healthy and happy, and let their parents never know the need, do not lose heart, and believe only in the best.

We thank the kindergarten and the Tarbiya + child development center for their invaluable support and participation in the Pure Heart charity. Thank you for your kind sincere hearts, help, responsiveness and understanding. We wish you success, great happiness and prosperity.