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Immense gratitude to all of you!

Feeling your support and warmth, grandfather felt better, and a smile appeared on his face when the employees of Pure Heart again crossed the threshold of the Sagitov family.

At such a difficult time, caring people extended a helping hand to the 75-year-old Ibrahim, and his relatives are immensely grateful to all of you for this.

The collected 120,000 rubles were transferred, and at the end of the week, grandfather Ibrahim will go to a cancer clinic in St. Petersburg for a course of therapy.

Once again we say many thanks to everyone who participated in the collection and helped solve the problem of a lack of funds for travel expenses and paid procedures.

Let the good that you share with the wards of our foundation will certainly come back to you in a multiple amount. May adults and children be healthy. And let the desire to help and do good for the needy does not dry out in your pure hearts.

Thank you everybody!