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Life after surgery

All the worst for Khava Aliyeva and her family was left behind. In July of this year, our foundation opened an urgent gathering for a 13-year-old girl who has been suffering from a back strain and rib hump since birth.

Miracles happen, and what happened with Hava, this clearly confirms. Thanks to the help and support of people who are not indifferent to someone else’s pain, one million rubles was collected in less than a day.

This missing amount allowed the girl to undergo treatment and surgery at the Turkish Memorial Clinic. Everything went well, and now there is no trace of the threat and fear for her life and health.

Hawa is happy, and this can be seen with the naked eye. A smile never leaves her face. And it seems that all this, which tormented the girl for many years, turned out to be a nightmare, and now this dream has ended.

Ahead of Khava is a full-fledged childhood and a bright future, filled with joy, smiles and love of relatives, friends and all those for whom this fragile girl managed to become a mother.

For all employees of Pure Heart, Hawa also became a close person, and we would like to wish her to never be sick, to be happy and loved always.

We wish her all the brightest and most fabulous good in life. Be healthy and live for a long time to the joy of your parents, relatives and all of us.