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A million for the good!

Yesterday, Rizvan Kurbanov, First Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Control and Regulation of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Clean Heart Fund, urged all concerned people to support their countrymen from the risk group who found themselves in a difficult situation in connection with the prevention of coronavirus.

One of the first respondents to a call for help was a businessman from Moscow, donating 1,000,000 rubles to purchase the necessary food for needy families living below the poverty line - single elderly people, single mothers with sick children and people with disabilities.

The Pure Heart Foundation expresses its sincere gratitude in providing such invaluable invaluable assistance to a Moscow businessman who wished not to give his name.

Thank you for your indifference, attention and sensitivity to the needs of poor people! Health, success and all prosperity to you and your loved ones!

We remind you that all this week, Pure Heart employees and volunteers work in emergency mode, addressing food, protective equipment, and medical masks for the poor, who are advised not to leave home without emergency.

Those who are willing to help financially or want to become a volunteer can contact the hotline: 8989-663-11-07 and 8938-800-81-81

By joining forces, you can perform good deeds, even staying at home. Join us - we will help together!