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More than 200 children - on the second day of school action!

Each of us was once a child, and those tremulous exciting emotions in the last days of summer before September 1 are familiar to everyone. Ironed school items, assembled backpack with notebooks, sketchbook, pencil case with pens and pencils ...

And then the cherished day came when all the smartly dressed people gathered on the school line, listened to the parting words of the director, and together with their classmates and class teacher went to the classroom.

Every year, “Pure Heart” conducts this action so that hundreds of children throughout Dagestan can experience the same happy emotions and joy on their faces on the eve of Knowledge Day.

With the support of caring people and donors, it is possible to give happiness to children, whose parents can not always afford to purchase all the things and stationery necessary for the school. On the second day of the action, more than 200 children received new clothes, briefcases and school supplies.

May September 1 be a truly festive and joyful day for them. We wish them only good grades, interesting lessons and useful knowledge.

Special words of gratitude to our good assistant in good deeds - Caesar men's clothing store (36 B. B, I.Kazak St., Makhachkala), who donated new things to the wards of Pure Heart. Thank you for your participation and caring for low-income families and children in need of support.

We thank everyone who does not stand aside and helps to help!

Peace, goodness and all the best to you.