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No one should starve!

The situation with self-isolation of the population has changed the lives of many people and has become a real test for the poor - single old people, large families, single mothers with sick children and people with disabilities.

And right now the moment has come when people who are not indifferent to the common misfortune rallied to help each other, to do good for those who find themselves in a hopeless desperate situation.

All these days, Pure Heart hotline phones are torn from calls with only one request - for help! There is no point in quoting these messages, it is understandable anyway - families left with no means of livelihood simply have nothing to eat.

It is pleasant that for every “second cry for help” we received a lot of calls and messages from people who are ready to provide any help possible to their destitute countrymen. With any donation amount or as volunteers personally deliver food to cities and regions of Dagestan.

The fact that "the world is not without good people", we were convinced once again. Having gathered together, philanthropists, volunteers, responsive fellow citizens joined in a common charity work.

No one should starve! Everyone now has one task - to support the poor, providing them with the most necessary products. During this month, more than 2,000 people across the country will receive food packages from Pure Heart.

The start has been made - together with you we can do a lot!

We thank everyone who helps and supports, sacrificing their time, finances and strength for good purposes. Actually, doing good for others is not so difficult. On the contrary, it is nice and helpful.

Thank you for being with us!

Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Health, peace and goodness to you!