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The philanthropist helped a child with a heart defect!

Today we want to share good news with you! The philanthropist Shamil, who regularly donates funds for the needs of the Trustees of the Clean Heart Fund and repeatedly closes fees, helped the two-year-old Mansur Isaev with a diagnosis of congenital heart disease.

From birth, this wonderful baby suffers from a serious illness of the cardiovascular system. But the diagnosis of doctors is not the only test that was sent to the child. It is terrible to realize the fact that Mansurchik’s mother notarized a refusal from her sick son.

Now, these reasons and motives, which prompted her to abandon her native blood, are unimportant - the boy has a new loving mother. Jennet Isaev every day gives the baby its affection, care and love. More than anything, she dreams that Mansur does not suffer from his illness, and that nothing threatens his health.

The boy’s trip for examination and treatment to the Children's Cardiovascular Hospital in Astrakhan was threatened - it was impossible to collect the necessary amount of 60,000 rubles neither for her nor the father of the child, whose income is only a disability allowance.

Having learned the story of the poor Isaev family from the village of Lvovskoye in the Babayurt district, the philanthropist Shamil transferred the required amount so that Mansur could be examined on time.

Thank you so much for this help - Mansur needed it! Thank you for your indifferent attitude to the needs of the poor inhabitants of Dagestan, who are under the care of the "Pure Heart", for your kind heart and desire to do good deeds free of charge.

May the kindness and spiritual generosity return to you in multiple sizes!