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The Piggy Bank of Goodness has helped another needy family!

“I would never ask for it myself, but the need made me turn to you for help ...”, - the ward of the “Pure Heart” fund, Emerald Huseynova, phoned the phone of the hotline with a trembling voice.

Disabled person of the first group - she suffers for a long time due to problems with her legs. Even overcoming the pain, she at least gradually came out of her dilapidated housing to breathe fresh air. And after an accidental fall, it became hard for her to move at all. Disability benefits are barely enough for a living. The son of Emerald - a disabled person of the third group, is also barely making ends meet.

In such urgent cases, the “piggy banks of good” help a lot - thanks to these funds there is a real opportunity to provide material support to needy families.

Pure Heart employees visited the Huseynov family, handing over the collected amount and food. With tears of joy, the woman thanked for the help, care and responsiveness of everyone who helps to help!

Everyone can do good - it’s enough not to pass by such d ”boxes” with the logo of “Pure Heart”. They can be found in supermarkets, shops, gas stations and other institutions of Makhachkala. Each penny will eventually do its good deed.

Funds from such boxes will be spent on the needs of large families, children with disabilities, the elderly and single mothers with sick children. Video reports on the assistance provided will appear regularly in the Pure Heart news feed.

You can also contribute to this charity project by hosting our “good money boxes”. For questions about their placement, contact the number: 8989-444-97-90