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Products in every home!

The branch of “Pure Heart” in Buinaksk together with the taxi “Barkas” held a charity event - “Products to every home”.

Supporting the activities of the fund to provide targeted assistance to families in dire need, the taxi service weekly allocates 70% of the proceeds for the purchase of food.

Now, each person using the taxi services of this company can do a good deed and contribute to the campaign to distribute products to the poor. It is enough for customers to just pay for their travel - part of this amount is donated to charity.

During the action, they bought the necessary food rations and targeted them for 25 poor and large families in Buinaksk.

We thank everyone who contributed to the campaign “Products in every home”. With your support, children and adults below the poverty line will no longer starve.

Thank you Barkas taxi for invaluable help, good intentions and desire to do good. May Allah Almighty accept all your good deeds, having paid many times for the perfect good. Amine.