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Pure Heart volunteers handed out warm clothes to those in need!

Volunteers who took part in the Interregional Forum of Volunteers “New Generation”, together with employees of the Pure Heart Foundation, conducted an action to distribute warm clothes to low-income families.

For a group of young people united by an indefatigable desire to do good for free, to help and bring care and good to this world, this charity event has become a real practice.

Volunteers got real experience in interacting with “Pure Heart” wards - they helped adults and children choose autumn and winter clothes and shoes, kept records and even babysit babies while their mothers chose new clothes.

“Social volunteering” is an important and sought-after phenomenon among initiative youth. Skills that participants in the New Generation. Volunteering is a lifestyle ”received in“ Pure Heart ”will undoubtedly be useful to them in the future.

Learning, learning new things and gaining experience and skills to establish contact with people of different ages and social status is never too late.

We thank the volunteers for their support and concern for the field of charity and the problems of others. Let the desire to help others disinterestedly only grow stronger in their young pure hearts.

We wish you new heights, unquenchable enthusiasm and achievements in their future activities!