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Quarantine is not an obstacle to good deeds!

Despite the current quarantine situation, during the days of blessed Ramadan, “Pure Heart” continues to provide assistance to people in need.

Indeed, right now we are in that period of life when it is necessary to help our neighbors, to do as much good as possible, helping the poor to survive the crisis.

Every day, Pure Heart employees and volunteers receive requests for help by calling the “hot line”, form food packages and deliver them to addresses.

“Helping to help!” - In this emergency mode, we continue to follow the main motto of the fund. May there be as many good deeds as possible, may all responsive people who are ready for good deeds have an incentive and desire to lend a helping hand to their fellow countrymen.

Do you want to leave a request for assistance or make your contribution to a good cause?

Call the "hot line" (from 10 to 17 hours - from Monday to Friday):

Ready to provide financial support for the purchase of food for the poor on self-isolation?

Sberbank Card: 42742760 06142225 (in the name of Jasmina Raizudinovna)
Number attached to the card of Sberbank: 8928-288-83-85

And may Allah Almighty accept all your good deeds and increase the reward for them many times. Amine.