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Rally together and help together!

Now, when the whole world is trying to fight against coronavirus, we need more than ever the help and support of each of you!

During this difficult time for all, the Pure Heart Foundation does everything possible to ensure that families in need are not left alone with their difficulties.

The fund is in charge of 15,000 poor families, most of which are elderly people, large families without a breadwinner, single mothers with sick children and people with disabilities who are below the poverty line.

This week is declared non-working and encourages people to take care of themselves while staying at home. Due to self-isolation, many old people and poor families with children are left without food. Thousands of people need the help and support of each of us right now!

You can do good even in this difficult situation! To do good, it’s enough to transfer any amount of donation for the purchase of the most necessary foodstuffs or to help single elderly people during quarantine as volunteers.

During the days of the preventive week, “Pure Heart” works remotely, but we are always in touch! Leave a request for assistance by contacting us on the hotline: 8989-663-11-07 and 8938-800-81-81

Our foundation has already purchased a thousand medical masks for volunteers and elderly people who are in a special risk zone! Together we can do more! Let us unite in the fulfillment of good deeds.

Follow the measures to prevent the spread of the virus, monitor your health, take care of yourself and your loved ones!