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Ramadan is the month of good deeds!

Pure Heart Foundation announces preparations for annual charity events dedicated to the holy month of Ramadan.

For Muslims around the world, this month is a special time when it is necessary to strengthen willpower and faith. These days, it is important to do good deeds, good deeds, helping those in need - their brothers and sisters by faith, who find themselves in difficult life situations. During the holy fast, Almighty Allah increases the significance of any good deed 700 times.

Pure Heart invites everyone to contribute to charity events this holy month. Everyone has the opportunity to provide support and assistance to the poor and needy Muslims throughout Dagestan.

In the days of the blessed month, each of you can give joy, warmth, hope and faith in the best to those who are deprived of this. Any contribution you can make to fundraising for large-scale events - Iftar with a Pure Heart, Ramadan to Every Home, Feed Your Neighbor and many others. etc. - will be valuable and important.