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Relay of good deeds

The charity event of the Pure Heart Foundation was supported by two-time World Champion in freestyle wrestling, the director of the specialized children and youth school of the Olympic reserve B. Ibragimova Habib Abdulaev and the silver medalist of the 2004 Summer Olympics, freestyle wrestler Magomed Ibragimov.

Having bought the necessary foodstuffs, the participants of the Relay of Kindness, together with the staff of the fund, visited poor and large families. For those people who are in a difficult situation, this is a big help.

No one is immune from poverty - everyone has different stories: someone lives with a sick child in a rented apartment, in someone's family there is no breadwinner, and someone has terrible living conditions that people alone cannot improve.

Help should be whenever possible always! If there will be more good around us, then life will become brighter, and instead of sad children's faces, whose parents are in distress, smiles will appear on their faces.

We thank the Committee on Sport, Tourism and Youth Affairs of the Administration of the city of Makhachkala, Magomed Ibragimov, Khabib Abdulaev and all our good helpers for caring and attention to the needs of poor people!

Join our charity event! Good is always easier to do together!