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"Relay of goodness" with "Monolith 05"

Monolit 05 group of companies Bolshoi Dvor housing cooperative and Arbat housing cooperative supported the Relay of Goodness campaign by visiting poor and large families that are in dire need of food assistance.

Having bought the most necessary foodstuffs, the participants of the action, together with the employees of Pure Heart, addressed the families addressed. In many of them there is no breadwinner, and single mothers raising their children have a hard time.

For such families, the Relay of Goodness is a great help. And how children are happy when uncles and aunts come to visit them and bring so many tasty treats.

How nice to see the grateful and happy faces of these people. And if it was possible to at least make the poor families happy with such help, then the good goal of the “Relay of Goodness” campaign was fulfilled.

We thank Elmira Patakhova and all representatives of the Monolit 05 group of companies for participating in our good relay race, for their support, indifference and sincere desire to do good! Thank you for the warmth you share with the wards of the “Pure Heart”!

Good luck, prosperity and all the best to you and your loved ones!