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To school with a “Pure Heart”!

Thanks to the annual campaign “To School with a Pure Heart”, the beginning of a new school year for Ahmad, Maryam, Islam and many other children throughout Dagestan became truly festive.

Having received school new things, briefcases and stationery from our foundation, these kids sat down at their desks fully prepared.

For their parents, who are under the care of the “Pure Heart”, this action is a great relief and help. It is not so easy for poor and large families in difficult situations to collect their children by the first of September. After all, you need to buy so much, and there is not enough money even to buy notebooks.

Thanks to the help of caring people and the participation in the school campaign of clothing stores and office supplies, we managed to bring 962 children to school. Thanks to everyone who did not stand aside and supported the good tradition of “Pure Heart” - to help the children of our wards on the eve of Knowledge Day.

The warmest words of gratitude to all donors and benefactors for participating in good deeds! Thanks to the clothing store “U.S. POLO ”, for all boutiques and outlets - your help is invaluable!

We wish the children that the school year be full of good grades, joy, bright events and new achievements. Learn well so your dads and moms can be proud of you!