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The second competitive day of the festival "World of Smiles"

The festival of creativity of students of correctional schools “World of Smiles”, organized by the Pure Heart Foundation, is in full swing.

And on the second day of the competition, a talent review was held among the pupils of the Day Care Center of the Dagestan Regional Public Organization for Disabled Persons entitled “Life Without Tears”.

The performances of the children who performed solo dance miniatures, the choreographic number "Dance in the Aul" and the theatrical performance of the good tale "Cinderella", touched everyone who gathered. No one was indifferent to this sincere impulse of boys and girls with disabilities to create, play roles and dance.

Sincere and long applause from grateful spectators and jury members have become an indicator of high ratings of performances.

It should be noted that the jury of the second festival day included - Vice President of the Pure Heart Fund Misedo Sadrudinova, head of the Makhachkala ensemble Anna Saraeva and director of the PSHI Kindergarten Iskorka No. 55 Ekaterina Gazieva.

We wish the pupils of DROOPI “Life without tears” new heights, bright and interesting ideas, success in their studies and creativity.

Competition auditions in correctional schools of Dagestan will last until April 10, and the final gala concert will be held and the winners will be announced.

We express our gratitude and appreciation for the help in organizing the festival and supporting young talents to the sponsors: Dagestan Branch RusHydro, Culinary School MASTERCOOK in Kaspiysk, Sports Club Makhachkala and women's clothing store TAVENA.