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In the celebration hall "Europe" a large-scale annual charity festival "Strong in Spirit" was organized by the Pure Heart Foundation and the Republican Center for Distance Learning of Disabled Children.

The children studying at RCSDODI, their parents, educators and teachers are looking forward to this festive event, and this year the organizers tried to arrange a real celebration of good and joy.

What could be more expensive than children's smiles? Just crossing the threshold of the hall of "Europe", boys and girls got into a real fairy tale. Characters of fairy tales and cartoons, costume animators, music and dance groups, stars of the Dagestan variety - all without exception tried to charge the children with a good mood and indescribable emotions of happiness.

Many children studying remotely were able to see and make friends for the first time here. And after congratulations, good wishes, songs and dances, all the children were awarded with letters of appreciation and gifts.

We wish all boys and girls more smiles, happy days, fulfillment of all desires, good health and well-being to their parents and relatives! We express special gratitude to the director of the Center for Pedagogical Research and Development, Gadzhimurad Usmanilayev, to the entire teaching staff of the center for your invaluable work. Thank you for giving these beautiful children knowledge, teach them kindness, independence and overcoming obstacles and difficulties.

Peace, goodness and all the best to you!