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Thanks everyone!

A smile does not leave the face of 13-year-old Khava Aliyeva, and in her sincere children's eyes only joy. During these few days, this fragile girl received so much support and pleasant messages and comments that now she is much easier and calmer.

Right now, more than ever, Jave and her family want to believe in a better future. The fact that all the problems and threats to the life of the baby will be left behind. And the girl was looking forward to a new meeting with the fund staff. Of course, we didn’t come to the girl empty-handed.

Together we managed to make a miracle for Khava - in a short time thanks to all of you, the missing 1,000,000 rubles was collected.

Funds have already been transferred to the account of the Turkish clinic “Memorial”, where soon Hava will undergo surgery for the rib hump. Let everything go well and positive results will not take long.

Most importantly, Hawa smiles and no longer fears for her life. Ahead of her is a happy childhood, boundless happiness and love of family, friends, and all of you - people who can empathize and help in difficult times.

We do not tire of thanking you for the good deeds and good that you share with our wards, with adults and children who need understanding and support. Thanks to everyone and everyone for your contribution to the charity of “Pure Heart”.

Do good as often as possible! After all, even the smallest grain of your participation in good deeds is important and priceless. Do good because it is right.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones! Peace, goodness and all the best to you!