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Time to do good!

On the initiative of the benefactor Shamil, the Pure Heart Foundation is implementing a social project - the construction of a charity apartment building for orphans and families with disabilities.

Construction work is ongoing without stopping, and now more than ever, the support and assistance of all responsive and caring people, sponsors and benefactors in this great good deed is required.

Each time we are getting closer to the goal - to provide sick children and orphans with housing and a roof over their heads. And each of us can contribute to speed up this process.

Helping is easy! Any, even the most minimal, contribution is important. To the extent of your strengths, capabilities and free time, you can, if you wish, help the construction team, donate bricks, cement and other materials necessary for the construction.

It is enough to transfer any amount to the following details. Each of your rubles will be spent as directed.

We will also be grateful to everyone for the newsletter, reposts on their pages and stories. Let as many people know as possible who want to do good.