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Time to do good!

The "Relay of goodness" from the "Pure Heart" continues, and this time representatives of the Leader gas station took part in such an important and good work to help poor families.

The charity relay race has become a good tradition - each time more and more sympathetic and merciful people are connected to it, ready to help those who are in great need.

Having bought food, the protesters targetedly targeted the poor families below the cost of living. In some families there is no breadwinner, someone survives in critical conditions with sick children in their arms ... Each such family has its own problems, troubles and difficulties.

The “Relay race of good” is simply necessary in order to somehow alleviate the condition of these poor people, instill in them hope for the best and, of course, provide real food assistance. Indeed, no matter how difficult situations people are in, nobody should starve!

We invite everyone who wants to help and share a piece of their good with others to join the “Relay of good”. Write about your desire in direct or in a comment, and we will contact you.

We thank the participants of the action - the Leader gas station and personally Khadaev Timur Nurudinovich for their support, responsiveness and assistance to the wards of the fund.

Good luck and all the best to you and your loved ones!