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Tissi Akhitli: life after the fire

Despite what happened in the Tsumadinsky district, life continues. During these few days, the inhabitants of the village of Tissi-Akhitli, who lost their shelter as a result of the fire, felt universal support and help.

People from all over Dagestan, fraternal republics and other regions of Russia, who are not indifferent to other people's misfortune, united in a single good impulse - the provision of emergency humanitarian assistance to the victims of the fire.

Everyone has contributed to the common cause - trucks with food, clothing and all the necessities arrive in the Tsumadinsky district to this day. No one was left behind.

Ahead is a lot of work to restore housing, but the victims of the Tissi-Akhitli do not give up. With such tangible support from responsive people, they will surely succeed, and everything will be fine. Most importantly, everyone should be alive and well.

Take care of each other and do good for your loved ones and completely strangers to you people who need human warmth and compassion.

Peace, goodness and all the best to you!