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Together with volunteers they visited the care home

Pure Heart Foundation employees, together with participants in the New Generation Interregional Forum of Volunteers, visited the Zabota boarding house in Makhachkala.

Volunteers were very happy to get to know the pupils and the staff of the boarding school. Many visited the new day care unit for the first time - in a warm, friendly atmosphere, they talked with the children and made a real celebration of good for them.

The guests did not come empty-handed. Red Pure Heart balloons, sweets, souvenirs and sports equipment from the Megastor-Anji store gave the kids unlimited joy.

The holiday of good mood, positive and smiles was a success, that no one wanted to leave. Giving a piece of their warmth to these beautiful children, the volunteers promised to meet with them again.

We thank all the participants in the volunteer forum for the friendly, understanding atmosphere of the meeting, for participating in the “Pure Heart” campaign, openness, activity and sincerity!

Special thanks for the support, help and invaluable contribution to the development of charity to the management and staff of the Anji Arena stadium and the Megastor Anji store! All the best to you and success!